COVID-19 Notice

COVID-19 Notice

Sanitize Your Office & Work Spaces

image of a person sanitizing a row of picturesCOVID-19 has changed the way we look at deep cleaning today and moving forward into fall and winter seasons poses a potential resurgence of this virus which weighs heavy on all our minds. The new normal since COVID-19 includes guidelines from the CDC focused on cleaning versus disinfecting and best practices for reducing the risks associated with COVID-19 and other common household germs including colds and flu virus. Our cleaning industry is on the front lines with EPA approved disinfectants utilizing electrostatic/ULV fogging (Ultra Low Volume) application for surface disinfection. We have added this service to better serve you and our community during these uncertain times. Pennsylvania has new cleaning protocols for businesses which include cleaning and disinfecting high touch areas routinely with CDC guidelines in spaces accessible to customers, tenants, or other individuals. I’m confident that most of us are maintaining surface cleaning in our homes, since Clorox wipes are never on the shelves! However, if you or a family member is employed in a high-risk profession or if you have had the virus, or just want to take extra precautions, then this will benefit your family.
Man in a hazmat suit sanitizing window blinds - The Carpet Doctor Inc.
Man in a hazmat suit sanitizing window blinds - The Carpet Doctor Inc.
What is ULV Fogging?

Ultra Low Volume fogging machines are cold fogging machines that use large volumes of air at low pressures to transform liquid into droplets that are dispersed into the atmosphere.

What is electrostatic disinfection?

Electrostatic spraying has been used for many decades in painting and agriculture. It is a way of quickly and evenly coating a surface with a water-soluble disinfecting solution.The electrostatic sprayer applicator places a negative electric charge to the disinfectant as the product leaves the spray nozzle, which causes the droplets to wrap around surfaces providing even, consistent surface coverage. Drip free!

What product will be used in my home or business?

We will use a water-soluble EPA registered (#34810-25-70385) organic disinfectant product called BotaniClean. This product is a registered antimicrobial, germicide, tuberculocide, fungicide, and virucide found on the CDC’s list N (The CDC only recommends use of the surface disinfectants identified on List N against the virus that causes COVID-19). This product requires no PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when applying.

Is BotaniClean safe for residential use?

BotaniClean is a nature-inspired cleaner with low toxicity. Its active ingredient is Thymol (found in oil of thyme) which contributes to its pleasant, mild fragrance and it has no harsh fumes. No warning labels or PPE of any kind are required during application and you can reenter a room 10 minutes after it has been applied. This product is widely used in homes, schools and hospitals.

We continue to make your needs a priority in our business. It is our deepest prayer that you all remain healthy and safe now and in the future. We are here to serve you in any way you may need. Please do not hesitate to call us with questions or concerns. We are in this together!

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