Urine Treatment

Urine Treatment

Because stuff happens when you have pets and kids, we have the solution! Our urine treatment service is a multistep process that utilizes our Water Claw sub-surface extraction tool and urine contamination treatment.

Our illustration shows you the steps:

  1. Your pet or child has an accident and you call The Carpet Doctor, Inc
  2. We flush the area with our urine contamination treatment with a limited dwell time.
  3. We use our water claw tool (illustration shows the hand-held tool) to extract the urine and treatment we applied from both the carpet and the padding below.
  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until extraction liquid runs clear (no evidence of urine) and deodorize.

Whatever amount of water is introduced to the carpet and pad can be quickly drawn back out with the water claw (attached to our truck mounted system) and typically dry out completely overnight.


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Dog sitting on the chase lounge - The Carpet Doctor Inc.
Urine Treatment Illustration - The Carpet Doctor Inc.